Siteground web host reviews and facts

Want to know why 320,000 websites had chosen and why their start-up $3.95/month web hosting so popular? This is the same question we been asking our self when we carry out our Siteground reviews and ratings program. We are willing to take all risk and signup their start-up plan and host with them. We wish to review this hosting company and provide facts and secrets to everyone visiting this website. This Siteground review site is hosted, it’s true and it provides 100% real facts in here. And we are giving away Siteground coupons at here for free and it helps you to get their best discount price too.

Siteground Homepage

Is Siteground hosting good or bad? They own over 1100 servers in 4 data centres and that is big. And we’ve been using start-up shared service and using this to host a WordPress site. Their service quality is top notch and we can see this after host with them for so many years and comparing them with the famous cPanel hosting namely Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostmonster and Justhost. And we start to see why people are choosing this one at the end.

This Siteground hosting company is not that popular compare to other top hosts, this maybe due to their limited marketing effort or business plan. Boosting sales and keeping the highest quality is two difficult things to do in any online service business. You can put up a lot of online sales and bring in tons of customer in short time, but that will mean lower quality and more managing issues throughout the process. In order to keep the service quality at highest, this will mean a good company with excellent management as well. This is what we seen in Siteground and they are doing it just right.

Siteground is offering few shared hosting packages. The price is reasonable as well. Its not expensive or too cheap, its just right and affordable by most people. All three web hosting packages are giving a lot of features and resources, and the service quality is top notch. Following are the key features offered by their shared hosting:

  1. Choose from 10GB to 30GB disk space.
  2. Unlimited transfer for website.
  3. Unlimited MySQL database.
  4. Unlimited emails account.
  5. Free domain name.
  6. Free daily backup and cloudflare CDN.
  7. 24/7 technical support via chat, phone or email ticket.
  8. 30-days money back guarantee.

These web hosting features are very commonly seen and we are getting what we need to start online website. The free domain name means a lot and it helps us save around $15 as according to current domain registration price. Next there is free website transfer and beginner users that require technical assistant to migrate their websites from old host, this is the must have free service.

Siteground has 3 different shared hosting packages and it comes with real storage space reserve for your account. Here are the basic 3 packages to choose from:

  1. Single domain hosting plan from $3.95/mo.
  2. Gobig multiple domains plan from $7.95/mo.
  3. Gogeek multiple domains plan from $14.95/mo.

3 shared hosting services

Why choose Siteground wordpress hosting? They are heavily promoting themselves as the best place to both Joomla and WordPress. But why is their shared hosting a better place for these CMS apps? Besides comparison features, we try to find our their hidden advantages and benefits.

Wordpress Hosting

First in this WordPress optimized plan, we can see there is extra cPanel configuration taken place and they have added in static cache feature to make the hosting service even better.

From Siteground cPanel, we found the following features:

  1. WordPress installer.
  2. WP auto update.
  3. WordPress toolkit.
  4. Supercacher.
  5. Staging.
  6. SG-Git.
  7. ManageWP.

From day one, user can choose to install WordPress here instantly without any delay by using the installer tool. Future upgrade can be performed by auto update and no manual management in require in future. The super cacher feature is here to make the site even faster and try to boost the WordPress site loading time.

Wordpress Tools

This Siteground VPS hosting is now with cloud technology. They have more affordable upgrade and the newest cloud VPS that has been proven more reliable compare to conventional choice. All content storage are in cloud network and uses worldwide datacenter with CDN. This VPS plan come with optional performance booster too.

Siteground cloud hosting

There are four Siteground cloud VPS hosting plans available. Choose from dual cores and quad cores server. It comes with 2048 megabytes to 6144 megabytes computer RAM and includes up to 150 gigabytes disk space. Price start from $68.95 per month.

Here are the all four available plans:

  1. VPS cloud 1 is from $68.95/mo.
  2. VPS cloud 2 is from $88.95/mo.
  3. VPS cloud 3 is from $108.95/mo.
  4. VPS cloud 4 is from $138.95/mo.

Siteground VPS Hosting with cloud

All 3 Siteground dedicated server comparison. Their server specification and features are good. There is no complaint about it and the price is acceptable as well. It is not over priced except that user need to pay for the setup fee for their new server at signup. Only choose dedicated server from the top web hosting companies like this one, as they are the only one that able to provide the best service quality.

In addition, all these servers are protected by active server monitoring and failure diagnosis. The best servers should have good service uptime rating and good customer support at the back end to support it. And together with a great price, this is what makes a great deals. Their server plans are including:

  1. Entry server price $229/mo.
  2. Power server price $329/mo.
  3. Enterprise server price $429/mo.

Dedicated server

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Siteground coupons and discounts 80%

This year biggest trend is the all-new WordPress hosting plan crafted specific for hosting your blogging site. In most of the top web hosts we are reviewing, they are having this type of package and priced it at $4 to $5 dollars per month. Its new and it isn’t cheap. However, at Siteground WordPress hosting here, we are seeing this 60% discount promotion and their new user can choose this plan from $3.95/mo only.

Siteground wordpress promo

Siteground’s Labor day sale. It is now returned with up to 70% off. This web hosting promotion will be offered from 30th August to 1st September 2014. This exclusive offer is valid for all new customer signing up web hosting product for the first time. No Siteground coupon code to activate, click the following ads to activate the 70% offer!

Siteground Labor Day Sale

Siteground 4th of July sales promo! Get ready to signup with Siteground web hosting plan this 4th of July 2014. We already received their promotional email and informing us in earlier about this upcoming $2.95 per month special pricing. This Siteground promotion price is now up to 70% cheaper compare to regular price and this is the biggest ready to signup by 7th July before this promo ends. This is the hottest summer sale and the biggest sale so far for this year 2014.

From the beginning, shared web hosting is designed to be cheap and by sharing the server resources with hundred of clients, the cost can be brought down to lowest point ever. Some hosting company are really good is making a cheap hosting services and using more efficient server hardware to host even more websites. These are the reason why hosting cost can be bring down and making their hosting services even cheaper compare to before. We see the same thing here, their shared hosting is optimized for budget customer and anyone looking for a budget hosting solution. And they did the best to make their web hosting more affordable. Some host even offer web hosting coupons and discounts on their products too.

Siteground Coupon 4th of July Sale

Siteground coupon price is $9.99 for one year. Before this there is 40% discount off regular price, then there is $20 dollars first year promotion. All these are some of the previously available Siteground coupons and discounts. Now it’s even better, you can get their start-up shared hosting for $9.95 for one year. This promotion is by invitation only and no coupon code to remember. This $9.95 price for one year hosting is by invitation only.

Siteground coupon $9.95

What is the biggest Siteground discount for 2014? This year they introduced the all new discount price for all three shard hosting packages, here are the offers:

  1. Start-up plan is $3.95/mo, regular price $9.95/mo.
  2. Growbig plan is $6.95/mo, regular price $14.95/mo.
  3. Gogeek plan is $13.95/mo, regular price $29.95/mo.

Coupons and discounts

There is limited-time Siteground special offer that give 80% discount on all shared hosting plans. This making their plan only cost $2.00/mo. This 80% off Siteground discount is limited time offer and valid when you see this advertisement page.

Coupon 80% Off

For very limited-time, Siteground discount price is up to 70% off and come with 5 extra gifts. This promotion is valid for 1 free domain name value at $14.95 per year.

Coupon 70% off

Cyber Monday special sales in here. Signup today, use the Siteground coupon code provided and their shared hosting is $2.00/month only. This making their annual plan $24 dollars only.

Promotion $2.00/mo

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Siteground web hosting reviews 2014

SiteGround web hosting is a premium hosting company which was established in the year 2003 when a group of IT experts pulled their capital together to form SiteGround is very popular in the web hosting industry due to its excellent support, superior performance and great developer features. SiteGround web hosting company is a private company and it’s very active in the Joomla communities and WordPress. In this article we will look at SiteGround web hosting review.

Siteground shared hosting

SiteGround offer three different plans for their joint web hosting; they are:

1. SiteGround Startup Plan

It is the company’s basic plan and it begins at just $3.95 per month. It includes the following;

  • Free transfer and setup
  • Free domain name
  • Thirty days money back guarantee
  • Almost 100% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited emails, traffic and DBs
  • SSH and cPanel access
  • Free backup – daily
  • Cloundflare CDN
  • Static Caching only
  • Joomla and WordPress toolkits

2. SiteGround GrowBig Plan

In this plan, you access all 3 levels of SiteGround SuperCacher in addition to the following;

  • Thirty days worth of backups
  • Unlimited sites
  • 365 days free SSL
  • Priority customer support
  • Around 25,00 visits per month
  • The supercacher uses Memcached and Varnish to cache both static and dynamic content and works well with Joomla, WordPress and Magento.

3. SiteGround GoGeek Plan

GoGeek plan comes with all the above features of GrowBig and Startup Plan in addition to the following;

  • More powerful hardware – for more RAM, SAS storage for files and SSD storage for your Databases
  • Few accounts on every server – you can use up to four times more resources then other plans
  • PCI compliant server – it’s for e-commerce and allows you to take your credit card details on your web
  • Developer features – they are custom made by SiteGround and are exclusive to this company

Registration is very easy and straightforward and you can be done within five minutes. After registration, you will need to decide on your preferred plan. The best thing about registration is that there is a free three month premium support option at the end of the page. However, there are certain features that can increase the price. For instance, if you want to include options such as Daily Backup, HackAlert, Monitoring and Domain Privacy, you might end up paying a bit higher than basic plans. All these features are very attractive, but ensure that you include only those features that you need, if you don’t want to pay much more.

After registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail showing your account ID as well as login information. In addition, you will receive a call from their customer support representatives just to ensure that everything goes well. Are these services not friendly and useful?

Server Reliability and Uptime Testimonial

SiteGround web hosting is the best choice for personal webs; customers report that it’s very rare for this website to experience downtime. One customer indicates that he has been using it for over two years now and he has experienced only two incidences of downtime which didn’t last for more than one hour. What was interesting about these two scenarios is that he had been warned about them three times – one week before, three days prior and 3 hours before the downtime as they considered with their maintenance schedule.

Downtime can be attributed to lack of server speed which is mainly experienced during maintenance. SiteGround uptime and server reliability can be rated as almost perfect as it’s always up.


It is impossible to pick any problem with SiteGround cPanel. It’s great as it combines all the necessary information under one website page, making it very easy to use.

Customer support

Siteground web hosting has an excellent customer support program which keeps up with its 24/7 customers support promise. Its support program is always on and ready to serve you, no matter the time of the day. Customer support response can only be said to be fast and very helpful. Additionally, there is a number for online tutorials as well as newbies, for tips about setting their site.


  • They have comprehensive precautions which ward off hackers. For instance, you have to go through SiteGround’s secured encrypted connection, even if you type your cPanel URL directly from your web.
  • The company does not allow direct activation of themes and plugins due to safety measures.
  • They have the latest caching technology, which is compatible with WordPress.
  • Its server uptime is magnificent.


The main limitation of SiteGround web hosting company is the limit it place on storage space. You are entitled to a 10 GB storage space for the basic plan.

SiteGround is without any doubt the best web hosting provider. It does a lot more than any other web hosting with its unique and advanced features. Hoping you will find other SiteGround web hosting review on the website so as to understand more about this company.

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Top 10 online business ideas 2014

Going by the level of technology available today, it is safe to say that there has never been a better time to start an online business. One of the advantages of online businesses is that you can start small with little capital and focus on growing your business rather that spending all your income on rent and other overheads incurred in other businesses. If you are still not decided on the type of business to start, below are the top 10 online business ideas 2014 that you can choose and be on your way to financial freedom.

  1. Online retail shop
    Starting an online store is easy. All you have to do is to identify the products you would want to sell and get a web hosting service with a shopping cart or e-commerce. You can then get appropriate photos for the goods and services that you will be offering. An online shop exposes you to a worldwide market meaning that with the right marketing strategy, you can make great sales and stay way ahead of your competitors.
  2. Professional freelancing
    This is one of the ways you use your skills to earn some money online. There are different companies looking for part time workers with different skills. Whether you want to offer accounting services or content creation services there are numerous options available that you can fit in your schedule and work in the comfort of your own home.
  3. Blogging
    Blogging is another business idea you can start with zero capital. There are free blogging platforms like and WordPress that are available for beginners. You have to find your niche and concentrate on a topic that you like. This will give you the drive to provide quality content consistently for your blog to get a sizable following. There are two ways of earning from your blog. One is through advertisers who pay to advertise their products on your blog. The other way is through affiliate marketing.
  4. Affiliate marketing
    Affiliate marketing involves the promotion of different products online. If you have a website with some huge following, this will be very easy to accomplish. Most manufacturers are ready to pay a certain percentage for every sale made through your website.
  5. Web-designing
    With the world going digital, the demand for quality websites has gone high. If you are a good designer and know a thing or two about website design, you can offer your services online and be guaranteed of consistent work if you offer quality services and clients are happy with your work.
  6. Handmade items
    This option is best suited for you if you can craft unique and quality handmade products. The advantage of handmade products is that you require little if any money to start and you have an edge when it comes to the market since no handmade item is similar to another.
  7. App development
    If you know about coding and happen to have an idea on an App that would make life easier, then all you have to do is to turn this great idea into an App. You will be surprised by the many people who are willing to spend their money to get an App that would make their everyday lives just a little bit easier.
  8. Online consultancy services
    If you have been in a certain career for some time or have specialized in a certain field you can offer consultancy services online. All you have to do is get several clients with regular work.
  9. Teaching
    There are numerous topics you can teach online. Just identify the area you are good in and offer online teaching services. You can then go a step further and publish books and e-books that you can sell to your potential students for some extra income.
  10. Start a travel site
    Most people will make an online search to gather information on areas they want to go on holiday. You can tap in to the ever growing tourism sector and come up with a travel site that offers readers detailed information on different tourist destinations. You can then look to earn money through affiliate marketing. The way you structure your site and the quality of your content will affect your earnings. You should therefore take your time to create an up to date travel site that will be beneficial to most if not all your visitors.
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Best cPanel web hosting for 2014 & 2015

cPanel can be defined as a Linux based web hosting control panel that offers automation tools and a graphical interface designed to simplify the procedure of hosting web sites. cPanel normally utilizes a three tier structure which offers capabilities for resellers, administrators, and end- user website owners to effectively control the various aspects of server administration and website via a reliable or standard web browser.

In addition to GUI, cPanel has also command line as well as API- based access which usually allow the third party software vendors, and web hosting developers and organizations to effectively automate standard system administration procedures.

cPanel has been designed such that it can function as either a virtual private server or a dedicated server. Generally, the latest cPanel version is supporting installation on RHEL i.e. Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CloudLinux, and CentOS. Note that cPanel 11.30 is the very last major version which is supporting FreeBSD. Don’t you think that is indeed great?

The application- based supports of cPanel includes BIND (DNS), Perl, PostgreSQL, PHP and Apache. Once a person has installed cPanel, he or she cannot easily remove it. For you to remove it, you must first format the server and then reinstall the operation system. Similarly, cPanel should be installed only on a freshly installed operation system that has got a minimum prior configuration.

Why choose cPanel hosting? Originally, the cPanel control panel was developed for a web hosting firm haf which provided Linux hosting. It basically allowed hosting consumers to manage the elementary parts of their different hosting service like their FTP logins as well as their email addresses. For over two decades, the software has evolved tremendously and outlived a WebPanel, spinoff product, thanks to its simple navigation and its friendly user interface.

Big bonuses for hosts which deploy cPanel. There are only a few big bonuses for hosts which usually deploy cPanel. They include:

  1. cPanel usually stops web hosting consumers from doing anything prohibited or risky.
  2. Consumers can be in a position to hassle free transfer their knowledge when moving from one host to another.
  3. cPanel can easily distribute generic assistance documentation and they do not need developing as much assistance in- house.
  4. cPanel and WHM usually work together beautifully. This ensures that the host can easily use the combination of both of them on the server based hosting accounts, thus giving users or consumers a consistent experience. Note that if properly managed, cPanel and WHM are very secure.

Reasons why hosting consumers like cPanel. Here are a few of the many reasons why hosting consumers normally like cPanel:

  1. cPanel can do all kinds of things that a person cannot expect it to do.
  2. With cPanel, a person can spend more time on his or her website, and less on admin that is behind it.
  3. Built in assists a person from doing anything that he or she is not supposed to do.
  4. with cPanel, the experience is normally the same in almost all the host.
  5. cPanel is also super easy to navigate. Don’t you think that is great?

Here are the best cPanel web hosting companies for 2014 & 2015

  1. Siteground
  2. Hostgator
  3. Bluehost
  4. Hostmonster
  5. Justhost
  6. Site5
  7. Webhostingbuzz
  8. A2hosting
  9. Greengeeks
  10. Liquidweb

Above are our most recommended cPanel web host and we have experience using all of them for so many years. This Siteground review site for example is hosted with and here is where we learn about their hosting service.

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Top 5 VPS web hosting company

VPS web hosting is one of the three main types of website hosting packages (with shared and dedicated hosting). VPS (virtual private server) pretty much functions as its name suggests. It refers to virtualization of a server and allowing its access from a single physical computer rather than having separate computers for each website. The concept of server virtualization allows one to host different websites independent of each other on the same computer. This can be compared to the technology used in Virtual Box. Basically, virtual private servers fall somewhere between shared hosting fully dedicated servers.

How VPS web hosting works?

In a VPS hosting, each server is accessible separately from the same computer. The servers are allocated specific resources such that each is independent of the other. Unlike shared hosting where resources are shared between all sites in the server, VPS hosting allows each website to stand on its own. This means problems with one site do not affect other accounts in the server. In a shared hosting, problems with a single website may cause the entire server to go down. A site experiencing tremendously high traffic may also use a lot of resources, rendering other websites in the server invisible. This is not the case for VPS hosting as each website is run under a different virtual operating system within the same computer. Each section can be shut down and restarted while other sites remain functional. It is also to recognize the difference between VPS and dedicated servers. Although VPS allows independent operations, the available resources are split between each site which may slow down operations. Fully dedicated servers enjoy much control and resource independence.

Best VPS web hosting companies.

There are several companies offering various web hosting services including shared, VPS and dedicated hosting as well as reseller packages. However, each company has a different hosting structure, uptime, package price, management tools and tech-support among other distinguishable properties. When looking for VPS hosting, these properties are used to determine which company offers better services. A good VPS hosting company will offer;

  • High uptime (99.9%).
  • More bandwidth and disk space.
  • 24 hour support through various channels including chat, call and mail.
  • Several website management tools.

Although many companies already exhibit these qualities, some have profound hosting experience and superior systems.

Here is my top 5 VPS web hosting company list.

  1. Siteground VPS
    Only available in cloud platform, this VPS hosting plan is come with WHM and cPanel control panel. The server also allow SSH connection and come with free SSL certificate. It uses worldwide CDN to improve speed performance. And this Siteground VPS is optimized for Joomla and WordPress hosting too.
  2. iPage VPS
    From free domain to 1TB/mo bandwidth, 40GB disk space, 1GB RAM, free IPs, comprehensive security and 24 hour tech-support, iPage is definitely a top 5 VPS web hosting company.
  3. JustHost VPS
    They offer 2GB RAM, 30GB disk space, 2TB/mo bandwidth, free IPs, instant setup, 24 hour support, e-commerce solutions, Bing and Google ads among other services.
  4. BlueHost VPS
    They offer same bandwidth, RAM and disk space as JustHost. In addition, BlueHost allow seamless website migration, 24/7 support and a distinctive design in software applications.
  5. Arvixe
    At $20.00 per month, you get 1GB RAM, 20GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth and free IPs. Unlimited bandwidth in a VPS package is a big plus for any company.
  6. Inmotion
    This is the top VPS web hosting company known for their launch assistance, managed hosting and friendly support team. They offer 4GB RAM, 60GB disk space, 2TB/mo bandwidth and two free IPs at only $14.99 per month.

As above mentioned, VPS hosting is a package that bridges the gap between shared hosting and fully dedicated servers. With VPS, you can still enjoy the control, independence and flexibility of a dedicated server at the price similar to that of high-end shared hosting. Each virtual server allows operation of different independent websites that have their own assigned resources. It is therefore suitable for websites that have outgrown resource sharing of shared hosting, but whose owners are still incapable of affording fully dedicated hosting. VPS hosting allows them to gain independence, flexibility and more control almost similar to that of a dedicated server. The website privacy is also improved since operating systems are no longer shared which eliminates outside access to your files. The dedicated resources of VPS hosting prevent downtime caused by other websites in the server. You are also able to customize service applications such as PHP, MySQL and Apache to suite the server to your requirements.

Virtual private servers are the best option for small and medium sized businesses that require more control and flexibility. Those whose sites experience moderate traffic and requires a little more RAM and bandwidth will find VPS very efficient. It is however still important to choose the best company to host your sites. Any choice in the top 5 VPS web hosting company list above will not disappoint.

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More about VPS and cloud VPS hosting

You need to the very best suitable program that can suit with the demands of your internet site. On the full, low-cost VPS internet hosting is the ideal way for bringing your organization on line with out significantly investments.

Virtual Non-public Server (VPS) internet hosting and Cloud internet hosting are two of the much more well-liked selections that are readily available to organizations wanting to host their web pages with a third-get together provider supplier. With VPS internet hosting, a internet site is hosted inside of a virtual partition on a large hosting server. The hosting server itself usually consists of quite a few equivalent virtual partitions, or virtual servers, every single a single of which in flip is capable of hosting a separate web-site. A cloud alternative is relatively very similar, in the perception that internet sites are commonly hosted on a virtual partition. On the other hand, in a cloud surroundings, the internet hosting server itself comprises of a collection of servers and storage assets that are tied jointly to create a single massive internet hosting resource.


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Good uptime for Siteground startup plan

Do you know shared web hosting is the one with the lowest uptime percentage? In generally, shared hosting server is shared by few hundreds or even a thousand over user accounts and websites. This mean your website is getting just a fraction of the server resources and uptime rating is surely being affected in somehow. For better consideration, we always recommend the better VPS plan or dedicated server.

From some of our own web hosting experience, we have learned that the web hosting company official website is usually the one getting the perfect uptime rating. They are seriously good and comply with the 99.99%. However, shared hosting customer usually will get the lowest uptime percentage and we are expecting somewhere around 99.7% to 99.9% in average. more

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Siteground affiliate program payout and comparison

Siteground affiliate program payout is the lowest. They pay one fifth of the sign up amount of what the new customer paid. If the new client pays thirty dollars, you are making six dollars in sales commission.

Although this partner program isn’t with the highest payout, no doubt their service quality is compatible with Hostgator quality. If you want best web hosting services at lowest starting cost, this will be the greatest choice. When promoting their hosting products, they have wide range of banner ads. more

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Forum test with phpbb and smf

Is Siteground forum hosting the best? For example, from our account we are able to setup new forum site into any domain name. All of this takes few seconds of time and that is the advantages of Fantastico. Some web host provider are offering other types of apps installer, this include Simplescripts installer and Softaculous installer.


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