Siteground Reviews and All the Facts

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Why Siteground? They advertised as the most comfortable web hosting plan than ever. Established for over 7 years, they have great long experience in this business. Now they have over 250,000 domains hosted and running over 1100 servers in 4 data centres. Huge customer base, huge technical team, and no wonder they are able to offers web hosting package at such low price. They use only the best servers, software, and cPanel website control panel. Their customers are getting the best quality services.

This Siteground review has been online since year 2008 and offering fully unbiased reviews and ratings. We are their customer and we use their shared hosting plan for testing and evaluation purpose. With this, we are reviewing via our real hosting experience and nothing is fake review in here. We wish to review Siteground and provide facts and secrets to everyone visiting this website. web hosting

Is Siteground hosting good or bad? We have been using their shared service since 2008 and use this plan to host this WordPress site. Their service quality is one of the best and we can see this after host with them for so many years. Comparing them with the three famous cPanel hosting namely Hostgator, Bluehost and Justhost, all three companies are top brand and their plan is with cPanel control panel and offering with unlimited storage space and domains, the same feature you found in here.

They are giving a lot of features and resources, and the service quality is top notch. This Siteground’s cPanel plan is absolutely worth the money. For this tiny small price, this shared hosting come with cPanel control panel and 99.9% uptime guarantee. It includes free Fantastico installer and over 150 free web apps. All their plans come uses high performance server with redundant firewall, network connection and power backup. After check through their features, its simple to understand what they offers is all you possible need, its an all-in-one package that provides everything in one price.

Shared hosting feature

Siteground cloud VPS hosting is now available. Do you want a more technically superior plan that has more to offer? When your website is growing and requires more space to grow, its time to get some upgrade. Do not let poor services to stop your website growth. Today, they have more affordable upgrade plan and that is the latest cloud VPS that is proven to be more reliable compare to conventional VPS plan. All content storage are in cloud network and uses worldwide datacenter with CDN. This VPS plan come with optional performance booster too.

Siteground cloud feature

Something is missing in conventional VPS plan. Although they have better speed performance, they are missing the reliability score. With the newer cloud technology and combined with VPS feature, this is the more supreme virtual private server plan. This Siteground VPS plan is with the highest performance and reliability. It gives full server management and full control for webmaster. They included WHM and cPanel control panel inside this VPS plan. Besides all these, cloud VPS also includes free daily backup and private SSL certificate.

Siteground dedicated server is excellent. Their server specification and features are good, no complaint about it, the price is reasonable as well, not over priced except that user need to pay for the setup fee for their new server at signup, one time setup fee. Only choose dedicated server from the top web hosting companies, as they are the only one that able to provide the best service quality.

In addition, Siteground servers are protected by active server monitoring and failure diagnosis. The best servers should have good service uptime rating and good customer support at the back-end to support it. And together with a great price, this is what makes a great deals.

Siteground cPanel control panel is very good. Most of the top we hosts are using either cPanel or vDeck, and these are our main choice too. This is a Siteground review site hosted with their shared hosting is managed via the same cPanel control panel as well. And they have additional account management interface before you can access to the cPanel page, as following.

cPanel control panel

You can browse to cPanel and manage your hosting account from here.

Control panel demo

Siteground uptime rating is near perfect. Their shared hosting is the most basic plan, by monitoring this we are able to know their minimum service quality and uptime percentage. We have many years hosted with their shared hosting and here is our website uptime percentage.

Website uptime review

Siteground speed test and response time is good. For example, our website here hosted with their shared hosting is getting somewhere around 2.1 second in loading time. The page size is 352 kilobytes and this mean and average transfer speed of 167 KB/sec. For much larger website, it will take longer time to download the page. To speed up performance, we would recommend website optimization or even using dynamic cache to preload the content and serve the page instantly just like a static page. In summary, here is our speed rating.

Website speed test

Siteground affiliate program payout is the lowest. You can refer friend and get rewarded as well. This affiliate program is offering some sales commission when you referring new customer to them and the customer stay for more than 30 days. Their affiliate program pays one fifth of the sign up amount of what the new customer paid. If the new client pays thirty dollars, you are making six dollars in sales commission.

Siteground DNS Domain Name Server is as following. Today I signup with their shared service and move this review site over to their server. The signup process is very simple, and I got the account activated right after payment through PayPal via 2Checkout online payment. It is quick and easy setup process. From the account email, it includes the DNS domain name server for my hosting account. And here is the email content like:

Comparing Siteground with other top web hosting companies? In this competitive industry, one company will do their best to win the others. And this is when they offers more features in their plan, and make it a lower price and give better package deals, and offer a better service quality as well. Is this web host any good when compared with the other top web hosts?

Siteground Coupons and Discounts


Siteground coupon price is $9.99 for one year. Before this there is 40% discount off regular price, then there is $20 dollars first year promotion. All these are some of the previously available coupons and discounts. Now it’s even better, you can get their plan at $9.95 for one year! That is less than one dollar per month for a full featured cPanel plan. This Siteground promotion is by invitation only and no coupon code to remember. If you require this $9.95 for one year hosting, let us know, we can invite you for the special promo.

Annual hosting $9.95

This hosting is filled with lots of special offer and sales, and the best price you can get now is the 80% discount. This holiday season you can get their 70% discount by default, but you can get better price of just $2 per month for their cPanel plan.

To get to this 80% discount page, you can first get to signup page, then exit the page and you will prompt for counter offer. From here, you will be offered with 80% discount price, grab this and you will get to the signup page with best price ever!

This web hosting deal definitely one of the greatest offers right now. Its discount is bigger that what others are offering.

80% Off Discount

They are offering another great web hosting deal right now; you can get this for 70% off and 5 free gifts. This promotion is with free domain name value at $14.95/yr.

70% off web hosting deal

This holiday season, signup and get it for just $2.95/mo, plus $70 dollars free marketing credits. You can get Siteground coupon discount price $2.95/mo during this holiday sales and signup for 12 months at this special price. That is just $35 dollars for unlimited cPanel package.

It’s Cyber Monday special sales! Signup today, use the coupon discount link and get their cPanel plan at $2.00 per month only. This making their annual plan $24 dollars only. The biggest sales from them up-to-date! 12 months plan regular price was $5.95 per month, now available for only $2 dollars per month, no coupon code to entitle, promotion valid during this sales period. With this discount, you save $47 dollars off with annual plan.

$2.00/mo promotion

Is there any Siteground rebate price available? Get their promotion now and you can sign up at rebate price with huge saving. It’s a limited time offer and rebate, so hurry. Their regular price is expensive and we can get certain percentage of rebate and discount from them during sales promotion. New customer who chooses to signup their annual promotion package can get it for below ten dollars only. This will be the highest web hosting rebate price. In this review, we provide the latest coupon codes for discount.

Recently, they are offering CloudFlare content delivery network service for free. This service allows faster website loading speed and average website can load twice faster with their cache static pages and regardless of geographical location.

Free CDN included