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Want to know why 320,000 websites had chosen Siteground.com and why their start-up $3.95/month web hosting so popular? This is the same question we been asking our self when we carry out our web hosting reviews and ratings program. We are willing to take all risk and signup their start-up plan and host with them. We wish to review this hosting company and provide facts and secrets to everyone visiting this website. This web host review site is hosted, it’s true and it provides 100% real facts in here. And we are giving away promotional coupons at here for free and it helps you to get their best discount price too.

Siteground Review Introduction.

This web hosting is a premium hosting company which was established in the year 2003 when a group of IT experts pulled their capital together to form this brand. They are very popular in the web hosting industry due to its excellent support, superior performance and great developer features. This web hosting company is a private company and it’s very active in the Joomla communities and WordPress.

Siteground Homepage

Siteground reviews: Is Siteground hosting good or bad?

They own over 1100 servers in 4 data centres and that is big. And we’ve been using start-up shared service and using this to host a WordPress site. Their service quality is top notch and we can see this after host with them for so many years and comparing them with the famous cPanel hosting namely Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostmonster and Justhost. And we start to see why people are choosing this one at the end.

This hosting company is not that popular compare to other top hosts, this maybe due to their limited marketing effort or business plan. Boosting sales and keeping the highest quality is two difficult things to do in any online service business. You can put up a lot of online sales and bring in tons of customer in short time, but that will mean lower quality and more managing issues throughout the process. In order to keep the service quality at highest, this will mean a good company with excellent management as well. This is what we seen in them and they are doing it just right.

Siteground reviews on shared hosting service.

They are offering few shared hosting packages. The price is reasonable as well. Its not expensive or too cheap, its just right and affordable by most people. All three web hosting packages are giving a lot of features and resources, and the service quality is top notch. Following are the key features offered by their shared hosting:

  1. Choose from 10GB to 30GB disk space.
  2. Unlimited transfer for website.
  3. Unlimited MySQL database.
  4. Unlimited emails account.
  5. Free domain name.
  6. Free daily backup and cloudflare CDN.
  7. 24/7 technical support via chat, phone or email ticket.
  8. 30-days money back guarantee.

These web hosting features are very commonly seen and we are getting what we need to start online website. The free domain name means a lot and it helps us save around $15 as according to current domain registration price. Next there is free website transfer and beginner users that require technical assistant to migrate their websites from old host, this is the must have free service.

They have 3 different shared hosting packages and it comes with real storage space reserve for your account. Here are the basic 3 packages to choose from:

  1. Single domain hosting plan from $3.95/mo.
  2. Gobig multiple domains plan from $7.95/mo.
  3. Gogeek multiple domains plan from $14.95/mo.

3 shared hosting services

Siteground review: Startup plan

It is the company’s basic plan and it begins at just $3.95 per month. It includes the following;

  • Free transfer and setup
  • Free domain name
  • Thirty days money back guarantee
  • Almost 100% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Unlimited emails, traffic and DBs
  • SSH and cPanel access
  • Free backup – daily
  • Cloundflare CDN
  • Static Caching only
  • Joomla and WordPress toolkits

Siteground review: GrowBig plan

In this plan, you access all 3 levels of SuperCacher in addition to the following;

  • Thirty days worth of backups
  • Unlimited sites
  • 365 days free SSL
  • Priority customer support
  • Around 25,00 visits per month
  • The supercacher uses Memcached and Varnish to cache both static and dynamic content and works well with Joomla, WordPress and Magento.

Siteground review: GoGeek plan

GoGeek plan comes with all the above features of GrowBig and Startup Plan in addition to the following;

  • More powerful hardware – for more RAM, SAS storage for files and SSD storage for your Databases
  • Few accounts on every server – you can use up to four times more resources then other plans
  • PCI compliant server – it’s for e-commerce and allows you to take your credit card details on your web
  • Developer features – they are custom made and are exclusive to this company

Registration is very easy and straightforward and you can be done within five minutes. After registration, you will need to decide on your preferred plan. The best thing about registration is that there is a free three month premium support option at the end of the page. However, there are certain features that can increase the price. For instance, if you want to include options such as Daily Backup, HackAlert, Monitoring and Domain Privacy, you might end up paying a bit higher than basic plans. All these features are very attractive, but ensure that you include only those features that you need, if you don’t want to pay much more.

After registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail showing your account ID as well as login information. In addition, you will receive a call from their customer support representatives just to ensure that everything goes well. Are these services not friendly and useful?

Siteground reviews on WordPress hosting plan.

Why choose this Wordpress hosting and not the others? They are heavily promoting themselves as the best place to both Joomla and WordPress. But why is their shared hosting a better place for these CMS apps? Besides comparison features, we try to find our their hidden advantages and benefits.

First in this WordPress optimized plan, we can see there is extra cPanel configuration taken place and they have added in static cache feature to make the hosting service even better.

Siteground WordPress Hosting

From this cPanel, we found the following wordpress extended features:

  1. WordPress installer.
  2. WP auto update.
  3. WordPress toolkit.
  4. Supercacher.
  5. Staging.
  6. SG-Git.
  7. ManageWP.

From day one, user can choose to install WordPress here instantly without any delay by using the installer tool. Future upgrade can be performed by auto update and no manual management in require in future. The super cacher feature is here to make the site even faster and try to boost the WordPress site loading time.

Wordpress Tools

Siteground review on server reliability and uptime.

This web hosting is the best choice for personal webs; customers report that it’s very rare for this website to experience downtime. One customer indicates that he has been using it for over two years now and he has experienced only two incidences of downtime which didn’t last for more than one hour. What was interesting about these two scenarios is that he had been warned about them three times – one week before, three days prior and 3 hours before the downtime as they considered with their maintenance schedule.

Downtime can be attributed to lack of server speed which is mainly experienced during maintenance. Website uptime and server reliability can be rated as almost perfect as it’s always up.

Siteground review on cPanel control panel.

It is impossible to pick any problem with cPanel. It’s great as it combines all the necessary information under one website page, making it very easy to use.

Siteground review on customer support.

They have excellent customer support program which keeps up with its 24/7 customers support promise. Its support program is always on and ready to serve you, no matter the time of the day. Customer support response can only be said to be fast and very helpful. Additionally, there is a number for online tutorials as well as newbies, for tips about setting their site.

Siteground review on pros and cons

  • They have comprehensive precautions which ward off hackers. For instance, you have to go through secured encrypted connection, even if you type your cPanel URL directly from your web.
  • The company does not allow direct activation of themes and plugins due to safety measures.
  • They have the latest caching technology, which is compatible with WordPress.
  • Its server uptime is magnificent.

The main limitation of them is the limit it place on storage space. You are entitled to a 10 GB storage space for the basic plan. They are without any doubt the best web hosting provider. It does a lot more than any other web hosting with its unique and advanced features. Hoping you will find other Siteground web hosting review on the website so as to understand more about this company.

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Siteground uptime & speed for basic start-up plan

Siteground uptime guarantee.

In generally, shared hosting server is shared by few hundreds or even a thousand over user accounts and websites. This mean your website is getting just a fraction of the server resources and uptime rating is surely being affected in somehow. For better consideration, we always recommend the better VPS plan or dedicated server.

From some of our own web hosting experience, we have learned that the web hosting company official website is usually the one getting the perfect scores. They are seriously good and comply with the 99.99%. However, shared hosting customer usually will get the lowest percentage and we are expecting somewhere around 99.7% to 99.9% in average.

Total Siteground website uptime

Siteground uptime rating for our hosted site is near perfect.

This start-up is the most basic plan; by monitoring this we are able to know their minimum service quality. We’ve many years hosted with this regular shared hosting (not cloud).

What will causes server down time or website offline? That is generally divided into human act or disaster. Either the server being bring offline for maintenance work or network failure can cause some serious service downtime.

For our Siteground hosted website right here with their shared hosting service, the uptime percentage is as following. Overall rating for our site for total five years are averaged at 99.9% and downtime is less than 0.03% only.

Our website uptime statistic

How about Siteground speed performance?

Their actual website speed test and performance is really one of the best when compare with similar shared hosting services. Our website speed test and loading time are great. Website speed is something relative and we know one if faster than another in term of time it takes to complete a page download. If first site take 2 seconds and second site take only 1 second, we can say the second site is twice faster and able to load the page in half of time. This is what we are searching for when looking for a faster web hosting plan. Although there is no absolute winner in this, we are still able to compare one another and find the slowest one and the fastest one. Some budget web host are able to outperform the other competitor and make a clear statement that their server performance is better in average.

Siteground speed test 2014.

This year 2014, we have this website speed test conducted once again, and it shows a very good rating indeed. Website size is growing near triple in size and now it need more time to load. We have wordpress blog that uses lots more plugin and addon functionality, lots more images in use too. This make the site growing in scale over time and now we have near 1 megabytes in size. The website took 3.02 second to load and it is rated 80% fast.

Siteground speed test 2014

Siteground speed test 2013.

In this year, we are using the popular itheme for our wordpress blog and chose to use this due to its fast loading time and light weight. We want to boost the website performance as it is serving more visitors now and we don’t want to slow down the website as the drawback. This mean we need to optimized the site content, images, medias, and themes all together. All these efforts resulting in total website size of 352 KB only.

Below is our hosted website in testing and site speed test for the year of 2013.

Siteground speed test

Siteground speed test: What will cause a slow website response time?

This is problem caused by either server or network availability. If the server is oversold and used by thousand of users at once, that will cause serious server delay and resource queue. Next, there is network bottleneck and insufficient bandwidth from infrastructure will mean a huge disadvantages and causes slower website speed.

How to make your website faster? Some web host will offer upgraded software platform and optimized the server for certain scripts for example they have optimized service for Joomla and WordPress. For instant, they have installed cache management, optimization module and few more tricks to make the performance even better.

For this web hosting review blog, we can choose to use WordPress super cache or W3 total cache plugin to speed up website loading time.

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Siteground coupons and discounts 80% (signup here)

Siteground coupon on Black Friday 70% off.

This year Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales at Siteground.com might be the best ever. Their lowest price is now returned and allow new customers to signup with their shared hosting packages with up to 70% in discount. From our review, here is the 3 shared hosting packages and discount price you can get:

  1. Startup plan is now $2.95/mo compare to regular price of $9.95/mo. This is 70% off.
  2. Growbig plan is now $6.95/mo compare to regular price of $14.95/mo. This is 55% off.
  3. Gogeek plan is now $13.95/mo compare to regular price of $29.95/mo. This is 55% off.

From above comparison, we can see the basic plan is the one with the biggest discount price. If you are hosting one website, this is the plan for you. Or else please choose the second package that allows unlimited domains hosting and it is available with 55% discount right now.

Black Friday sales 70%

Siteground coupon on Halloween 70% off.

This year’s Halloween 2014, they are offering up to 70% off all their web hosting products. This promotion is valid throughout the weekend, a three days web hosting sales set to end this November 2nd. There is no hidden cost or setup fee. This introductory offer is valid for first time customer and one free domain name is included in this package too.

  • Choose Startup plan and get 70% off.
  • Choose GrowBig plan and get 70% off.
  • Choose GoGeek plan and get 70% off.

Halloween Siteground coupon 70% off

Siteground coupon on WordPress hosting sales.

This year biggest trend is the all-new WordPress hosting plan crafted specific for your blogging site. In most of the top web hosts we are reviewing, they are having this type of package and priced it at $4 to $5 dollars per month. Its new and it isn’t cheap. However, at this WordPress hosting here, we are seeing this 60% discount promotion and their new user can choose this plan from $3.95/mo only.

Wordpress hosting promotion

Siteground coupon on Labor day sale 70% off.

This web hosting promotion will be offered from 30th August to 1st September 2014. This exclusive offer is valid for all new customer signing up their service or product for the first time. No coupon code to activate, click the following ads to activate the 70% offer!

Labor Day Sale

Siteground coupon on 4th of July sale 70% off.

Get ready to signup with web hosting plan this 4th of July 2014. We already received their promotional email and informing us in earlier about this upcoming $2.95 per month special pricing. This promotion price is now up to 70% cheaper compare to regular price and this is the biggest ready to signup by 7th July before this promo ends. This is the hottest summer sale and the biggest sale so far for this year 2014.

From the beginning, shared hosting service is designed to be cheap and by sharing the server resources with hundred of clients, the cost can be brought down to lowest point ever. Some company are really good is making a cheap services and using more efficient server hardware to host even more websites. These are the reason why cost can be bring down and making their services even cheaper compare to before. We see the same thing here, their shared hosting is optimized for budget customer and anyone looking for a budget solution. And they did the best to make their products more affordable. Some host even offer web hosting coupons and discounts too.

4th of July Sale

Siteground coupon price is $9.99 for one year.

Before this there is 40% discount off regular price, then there is $20 dollars first year promotion. All these are some of the previously available discounts. Now it’s even better, you can get their start-up shared hosting for $9.95 for one year. This promotion is by invitation only and no coupon code to remember. This $9.95 price for one year hosting is by invitation only.

$9.95 for one year

Siteground discount coupon for 2014.

This year they introduced the all new discount price for all three shard hosting packages, here are the offers:

  1. Start-up plan is $3.95/mo, regular price $9.95/mo.
  2. Growbig plan is $6.95/mo, regular price $14.95/mo.
  3. Gogeek plan is $13.95/mo, regular price $29.95/mo.

Biggest offer price from $3.95/mo

Siteground coupon 80% off discount $2.00/month.

There is limited-time special offer that give 80% discount on all shared hosting plans. This making their plan only cost $2.00/mo. This 80% off discount is limited time offer and valid when you see this advertisement page.

Take 80% off

Siteground coupon 70% off and 5 free gifts.

For very limited-time, the discount price is up to 70% off and come with 5 extra gifts. This promotion is valid for 1 free domain name value at $14.95 per year.

Holiday price $2.95

Siteground coupon on Cyber Monday sales.

Cyber Monday special sales in here. Signup today, use the coupon code provided and their shared hosting is $2.00/month only. This making their annual plan $24 dollars only.

$2.00/mo Cyber Monday

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Siteground dedicated server feature and quality review

Right now, they are having 3 dedicated server plans and all are impressive at first look. Their server specification and features are good. There is no complaint about it and the price is acceptable as well. It is not over priced except that user need to pay for the setup fee for their new server at signup.

Why choose Siteground dedicated servers?

Only choose dedicated server from the top web hosting companies like this one, as they are the only one that able to provide the best service quality. In addition, all these servers are protected by active server monitoring and failure diagnosis. The best servers should have good service uptime rating and good customer support at the back end to support it. And together with a great price, this is what makes a great deals. Their server plans are including:

  1. Entry server price $229/mo.
  2. Power server price $329/mo.
  3. Enterprise server price $429/mo.

Siteground dedicated server

The entry server is the most affordable and price at $229 per month. There is no hidden fees and we are getting the highest server specification for this price. Compare to other server providers like Hostgator, Bluehost and Site5, their server specification is not this good and the price is very similar. This mean we can get more resource and better server performance. Their network uses the best infrastructure and in reality we are getting the top uptime percentage too. This entry server includes the following features:

  • Intel i3-540 3.GHz CPU.
  • Dual cores CPU.
  • 4 MB CPU cache.
  • 4 GB computer DDR3 RAM memory.
  • 500 GB SATA II hard disk drive.
  • 5TB monthly bandwidth.

With these features and quality it offer, you can host a few high traffic website and take advantages of the superior server performance at here. The provided 500 GB storage space is sufficient for hosting a lot of media files and you can even have video sharing website hosted in here too.

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Siteground VPS hosting reviews – feature, price and comparison

Their VPS hosting is now with cloud technology. They have more affordable upgrade and the newest cloud VPS that has been proven more reliable compare to conventional choice. All content storage are in cloud network and uses worldwide datacenter with CDN. This VPS plan come with optional performance booster too.

Siteground cloud hosting

Siteground VPS hosting comprison.

There are four cloud VPS hosting plans available. Choose from dual cores and quad cores server. It comes with 2048 megabytes to 6144 megabytes computer RAM and includes up to 150 gigabytes disk space. Price start from $68.95 per month.

Here are the all four available plans:

  1. VPS cloud 1 is from $68.95/mo.
  2. VPS cloud 2 is from $88.95/mo.
  3. VPS cloud 3 is from $108.95/mo.
  4. VPS cloud 4 is from $138.95/mo.

Siteground VPS Hosting with cloud

Siteground VPS hosting versus the world?

When searching for VPS plans, users are often asking for the best features and the best price. Its not easy to get a good balance between these two. But there is one trend in recent year and the top web hosts are slowly migrating from conventional virtual server to a more advanced cloud VPS platform that is more flexible and allow user to gain more resources at lowest price. Since they are using cloud network server platform, the resource will be huge and user can use as require and pay the plan that they want. For this, it solve the technical issue and left only the pricing issue.

Most buyer will find this Siteground VPS plan suitable for high-end customers that demand the cloud technology and guarantee the best uptime rating for their website. The price of $68 dollars is rather small when considering the amount of benefits that your website can get.

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Domain manager and adding new domain name

There are three web hosting plans available; basic plan only allow 1 domain hosting and the other two plans are permitting unlimited domains hosting. In feature mean you can add more websites and host more individual websites without limitation from the server configuration. First thing first, this feature is only made available for Growbig and  Gogeek shared hosting plans.

Host multiple websites with Siteground shared hosting

When your online business are growing or when you want to create new website that focus on more specific topic, this is the change to create a new website and host it as an individual WWW site. To do this, we want you to do the following:

  1. Login to cPanel control panel.
  2. Go to addon domains section.
  3. Enter your new domain name (which you own).
  4. Enter in a new password for this domain name.
  5. Click the add button to complete the process.

At this point here, the new domain name already has been added to your hosting account. At the same time a new directory for this domain will be created in web server for your website files. Next thing to do is install open-source scripts into here, or upload your own HTML pages to hear via FTP client program.

If you are using the single domain hosting plan, this error message will appear when you try to add new domain to your account.

Warning: You are currently using the maximum number of addon domains. If you need to add a new addon domain you can review alternative hosting plans and order an upgrade from the Order section of your SiteGround Customer Area.

1) Setup new website via Softaculous

If you are choosing the first method and want to use the popular CMS scripts for your website, the next thing to do is proceed to Softaculous apps installer. Choose the script for your website, either WordPress or Drupal Joomla and few hundred options are available in here. You can install these apps into your primary domain, new domain, subdomain name, or sub-directory installation location. See our Softaculous review in here.

2) Setup new website via FTP files uploading

If you already have custom webpages created and want to host it online, this is where you can proceed and put your website online. Make sure you already have the Filezilla FTP client program installed in your computer. Run this Filezilla and make a new connection to web server via FTP service. You can use your domain name, account username, account password to login to FTP server. Once connected successfully without problem, next thing is go to “public_html” folder. If you have addon domain, then pick the directory for this domain. Else use this as the default directory for your primary domain name. Put or upload all your web files here and wait for the FTP process to complete. Finally, test your new webpages online and see either its working as expected.

Once you have completed the above processes, you are now having a new website available online and works perfectly.

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