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Want to know why 320,000 websites had chosen and why their Start-up $3.95/month web hosting so popular? This is the same question we been asking our self when we carry out our web hosting reviews and ratings program. We are willing to take all risk and signup their Start-up plan and host with them. We wish to review this hosting company and provide facts and secrets to everyone visiting this website. This web host review site is hosted, it’s true and it provides 100% real facts in here. And we are giving away promotional coupons at here for free and it helps you to get their best discount price too.

Siteground review introduction

This web hosting is a premium hosting company which was established in the year 2003 when a group of IT experts pulled their capital together to form this brand. They are very popular in the web hosting industry due to its excellent support, superior performance and great developer features. This web hosting company is a private company and it’s very active in the Joomla communities and WordPress.

Siteground Homepage

Is Siteground hosting good or bad?

They own over 1100 servers in 4 data centres and that is big. And we’ve been using Start-up shared service and using this to host a WordPress site. Their service quality is top notch and we can see this after host with them for so many years and comparing them with the famous cPanel hosting namely Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostmonster and Justhost. And we start to see why people are choosing this one at the end.

This hosting company is not that popular compare to other top hosts, this maybe due to their limited marketing effort or business plan. Boosting sales and keeping the highest quality is two difficult things to do in any online service business. You can put up a lot of online sales and bring in tons of customer in short time, but that will mean lower quality and more managing issues throughout the process. In order to keep the service quality at highest, this will mean a good company with excellent management as well. This is what we seen in them and they are doing it just right.

Siteground reviews on shared hosting service

They are offering few shared hosting packages. The price is reasonable as well. Its not expensive or too cheap, its just right and affordable by most people. All three web hosting packages are giving a lot of features and resources, and the service quality is top notch. Following are the key features offered by their shared hosting:

  1. Choose from 10 GB to 30 GB disk space.
  2. Unlimited transfer for website.
  3. Unlimited MySQL database.
  4. Unlimited emails account.
  5. Free domain name.
  6. Free daily backup and Cloudflare CDN.
  7. 24/7 technical support via chat, phone or email ticket.
  8. 30 days money back guarantee.

These web hosting features are very commonly seen and we are getting what we need to start online website. The free domain name means a lot and it helps us save around $15 as according to current domain registration price. Next there is free website transfer and beginner users that require technical assistant to migrate their websites from old host, this is the must have free service.

They have 3 different shared hosting packages and it comes with real storage space reserve for your account. Here are the basic 3 packages to choose from:

  1. Single domain hosting plan from $3.95/mo.
  2. Gobig multiple domains plan from $7.95/mo.
  3. Gogeek multiple domains plan from $14.95/mo.

3 shared hosting services

Siteground review on Start-up plan

It is the company basic plan and it begins at just $3.95 per month. It includes the following:

  • Free transfer and setup.
  • Free domain name.
  • Thirty days money back guarantee.
  • Almost 100% uptime guarantee.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Unlimited emails, traffic and database.
  • SSH and cPanel access.
  • Free daily backup.
  • Cloundflare CDN.
  • Static Caching only.
  • Joomla and WordPress toolkits.

Siteground review on GrowBig plan

In this plan, you access all 3 levels of SuperCacher in addition to the following:

  • Thirty days worth of backups.
  • Unlimited sites.
  • 365 days free SSL.
  • Priority customer support.
  • Around 25,000 visits per month.
  • The super-cacher uses Mem-cached and Varnish to cache both static and dynamic content and works well with Joomla, WordPress and Magento.

Siteground review on GoGeek plan

GoGeek plan comes with all the above features of GrowBig and Start-up Plan in addition to the following:

  • More powerful hardware for more RAM, SAS storage for files and SSD storage for your databases.
  • Few accounts on every server. You can use up to four times more resources then other plans.
  • PCI compliant server is for Ecommerce and allows you to take your credit card details on your web.
  • Developer features that are custom made and are exclusive to this company.

Registration is very easy and straightforward and you can be done within five minutes. After registration, you will need to decide on your preferred plan. The best thing about registration is that there is a free three month premium support option at the end of the page. However, there are certain features that can increase the price. For instance, if you want to include options such as Daily Backup, HackAlert, Monitoring and Domain Privacy, you might end up paying a bit higher than basic plans. All these features are very attractive, but ensure that you include only those features that you need, if you don’t want to pay much more.

After registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail showing your account ID as well as login information. In addition, you will receive a call from their customer support representatives just to ensure that everything goes well. Are these services not friendly and useful?

Siteground reviews on WordPress hosting plan

Why choose this Wordpress hosting and not the others? They are heavily promoting themselves as the best place to both Joomla and WordPress. But why is their shared hosting a better place for these CMS apps? Besides comparison features, we try to find their hidden advantages and benefits.

First in this WordPress optimized plan, we can see there is extra cPanel configuration taken place and they have added in static cache feature to make the hosting service even better.

Siteground WordPress Hosting

From this cPanel, we found the following WordPress extended features:

  1. WordPress installer.
  2. WP auto update.
  3. WordPress toolkit.
  4. Supercacher.
  5. Staging.
  6. SG-Git.
  7. ManageWP.

From day one, user can choose to install WordPress here instantly without any delay by using the installer tool. Future upgrade can be performed by auto update and no manual management in require in future. The super cacher feature is here to make the site even faster and try to boost the WordPress site loading time.

Wordpress Tools

Siteground review on server reliability and uptime

This web hosting is the best choice for personal webs; customers report that it’s very rare for this website to experience downtime. One customer indicates that he has been using it for over two years now and he has experienced only two incidences of downtime which didn’t last for more than one hour. What was interesting about these two scenarios is that he had been warned about them three times; one week before, three days prior and 3 hours before the downtime as they considered with their maintenance schedule.

Downtime can be attributed to lack of server speed which is mainly experienced during maintenance. Website uptime and server reliability can be rated as almost perfect as it’s always up.

Siteground review on cPanel control panel

It is impossible to pick any problem with cPanel. It’s great as it combines all the necessary information under one website page, making it very easy to use.

Siteground review on customer support

They have excellent customer support program which keeps up with its 24/7 customers support promise. Its support program is always on and ready to serve you, no matter the time of the day. Customer support response can only be said to be fast and very helpful. Additionally, there is a number for online tutorials as well as newbie, for tips about setting their site.

Siteground review on pros and cons:

  • They have comprehensive precautions which ward off hackers. For instance, you have to go through secured encrypted connection, even if you type your cPanel URL directly from your web.
  • The company does not allow direct activation of themes and plug-in due to safety measures.
  • They have the latest caching technology, which is compatible with WordPress.
  • Its server uptime is magnificent.

The main limitation of them is the limit it place on storage space. You are entitled to a 10 GB storage space for the basic plan. They are without any doubt the best web hosting provider. It does a lot more than any other web hosting with its unique and advanced features. Hoping you will find other Siteground web hosting review on the website so as to understand more about this company.

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Siteground coupons and discounts 80% (signup here)

Siteground coupon on Black Friday 70% off

This year Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales at might be the best ever. Their lowest price is now returned and allows new customers to signup with their shared hosting packages with up to 70% in discount. From our review, here is the 3 shared hosting packages and discount price you can get:

  1. Start-up plan is now $2.95/mo compare to regular price of $9.95/mo. This is 70% off.
  2. GrowBig plan is now $6.95/mo compare to regular price of $14.95/mo. This is 55% off.
  3. GoGeek plan is now $13.95/mo compare to regular price of $29.95/mo. This is 55% off.

From above comparison, we can see the basic plan is the one with the biggest discount price. If you are hosting one website, this is the plan for you. Or else please choose the second package that allows unlimited domains hosting and it is available with 55% discount right now.

Black Friday sales 70%

Siteground coupon on Halloween 70% off

This year’s Halloween 2014, they are offering up to 70% off all their web hosting products. This promotion is valid throughout the weekend, a three days web hosting sales set to end this November 2nd. There is no hidden cost or setup fee. This introductory offer is valid for first time customer and one free domain name is included in this package too.

  • Choose Start-up plan and get 70% off.
  • Choose GrowBig plan and get 70% off.
  • Choose GoGeek plan and get 70% off.

Halloween Siteground coupon 70% off more

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Siteground vs. Hostgator vs. Webhostingbuzz: who is with the best offer price?

Siteground, Webhostingbuzz and Hostgator are three reputable web hosting providers – although all these companies offer the same virtual services, there are some significant differences in terms of hosting quality, guaranteed uptime, price as well as features and functions. If you need high-quality hosting and you still have not decided on the provider, then here is an in-depth comparison of these three providers.

A brief overview of Siteground hosting and support services

As Siteground official website claims, the provider offers “Crafted hosting, for superior experience”. The provider offers three main packages, and the basic one is the Start-up package which starts at $3.95 /month, 50% OFF the regular $7.95 /month. This package includes one website, 10 GB of web space and all the essential features a webmaster needs. The package is perfect for websites with around 10,000 monthly visitors.

The second hosting plan offered by Siteground is GrowBig, which is specifically designed for websites that are intended to grow over the months. Available at a special price of $7.95 /month, 40% OFF the regular $12.95 /month, the package includes premium features, 20 GB of web space, it can host multiple websites and it is perfect for sites with around 25,000 monthly visitors.

Lastly, the GoGeek plan is the ultimate package offered by Siteground and it is available at Special Price: $11.95 /month, which is 50% OFF the regular $23.95 /month. The plan also includes multiple websites, premium features and advanced Geeky features, 30 GB of web space and it is perfect for websites with more than 100,000 visitors monthly.

Siteground prides itself in never letting its customers waiting, as it provides 24/7 support via phone, chat and ticketing. Siteground guarantees that the first reply to a ticket will occur in less than 10 minutes, while the live chat and phone reply will be instant. Also, Siteground guarantees in-house load balancing and issue tracking, along with a one-click escalation – if you are not satisfied with the technical support offered by one specialist, you can easily transfer your issue to a supervisor with a higher level of experience, and everything is done in a transparent manner.

One of the main benefits between Siteground and the two other hosting providers is that this one offers tailored hosting for both Joomla and WordPress – the Joomla hosting is available from $3.95 /month while the customized WordPress hosting starts at the same price.

Also, Siteground is committed to state of the art physical security when it comes to the integrity of its servers, as it guarantees 24/7 human security, access control man traps, a bulletproof lobby, biometrics and non-stop video surveillance. Lastly, the guaranteed uptime for the Siteground hosting is of 99.9%.


What does Hostgator have to offer?

Hostgator was founded in a dorm room at the Florida Atlantic University, and it has slowly grown to become one of the world’s most trusted providers. With a 99.9% guaranteed uptime, Hostgator relies on high-end technology to provide irreproachable services. Also, the company offers hosting services to more than 400,000 customers from over 200 countries.

Just like Siteground, Hostgator also offers three hosting plan, the main difference is that Hostgator plans tend to be more inclusive, more comprehensive and less limited. For instance, the Hatchling plan (basic) is available for $3.96/month and it includes one domain, a shared SSL certificate, along with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

The Baby Plan includes the same features, but instead of one domain it covers an unlimited number of domains and it is available for $6.39, while the Business plan includes all the benefits and features of the Baby Plan, along with a toll free number and a free private IP and SSL, for $10.36/month.

Just like Siteground, Hostgator also offers support via live chat, ticketing and phone; however the official website offers fewer details on how the requests are handled by the technical team. Hostgator takes great pride in its 30-day money back guarantee policy as well. View our Hostgator reviews at here.

What are the hosting plans and support services offered by Webhostingbuzz?

Webhostingbuzz also offers three plans: Buzz Light for $4.95/month, which is the cheapest plan and perfect for new websites, the Buzz Power plan for $6.95/month which includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and unlimited websites, and ultimately Buzz Premier for $9.95/month for high performance websites.

Webhostingbuzz offers 24/7 support via phone, ticket and e-mail, and it also features an in-depth self-help zone where customers can find a wealth of tutorials, videos and guidelines that will help them find answers to most of the hosting-related questions. All billing and technical queries are handles immediately.

Webhostingbuzz stands out from the other providers through its high-quality dedicated servers. These servers offer full root access, and you are no longer responsible for the software updates and for the security of the VPS itself.

Also, each virtual server is being offered a number of fixed resources, and Webhostingbuzz offers a cPanel control panel completely free of charge, not to mention that with a Webhostingbuzz VPS you are also able to come up with your own reseller accounts. View our Webhostingbuzz reviews at here.

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Siteground forum hosting feature, review, pros and cons

With all the principal forms of hosting available and excellent customer service, there is virtually nothing you can need from the hosting company that Siteground does not already have. Transferring your web site is not difficult and in the event you are developing a brand new one, the setup tool of Siteground can have your site ready to go right away.

Siteground forum hosting


  1. Live chat and telephone support available 24/7.
    Along with their newsgroup and knowledge base several customer support stations are provided by Siteground when you have a need for assistance from an actual man. Live chat and telephone support, both of which are accessible are the choices that are most desired because they have the quickest response times. Customer care is some thing which should not be taken for granted because it plays a major part in your web hosting expertise, especially when you run into difficulties.
  2. Offers all kind of hosting.
    Siteground offers outstanding shared hosting strategies that allow you to pay by month or in one, two, or three year increments. There are multiple VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting plans to select from in case you are feeling you must update. Siteground numerous choices make locating a web hosting plan that meets your requirements and budget easy and straightforward.
  3. Pupil hosting system.
    Siteground recently established a hosting system geared toward teachers and college students. Through the plan, pupils may get access to one year of internet hosting for just $1.99 per month. Faculty members are also capable to register any student in their own class for a hosting account that is free. Enrolling in an account is simple, as the sole demand is the fact that you supply a valid .edu e-mail. In the event you’re seeking to start a brand new site and a college student or professor, you will not find a better deal about.
  4. Exceptional setup tool.
    Siteground has designed their very own tool for setting up a site that enables you get everything uploaded a lot more rapidly and to add web applications simply. Siteground makes it possible to discover which programs will best serve your functions and guides you through the procedure, then uploads web along with your content. This tool saves hassle plus lots of time and certainly will be particularly valued by those who are lacking the technical expertise and are new to creating sites.
  5. Free website transport.
    Siteground helps you through the transition by transferring your website and databases at no cost and even supplying you with premium support for your first three months if you choose to change web hosts. That additional bit of support provides the guarantee you need understanding your new hosting company is there to welcome you and is easily accessible to assist you and helps ease the changeover.
  6. Pricing and characteristics.
    Pricing for Siteground hosting strategies starts at $3.95 per month for your first charging period, which is super affordable. After your first charging period, the lowest pricing goes up to $9.95 per month (which is still fairly priced). For comparison, an SSL-compatible strategy with the majority of suppliers needs a $50 per month strategy, while at Siteground you will be paying $14.95 per month ($29.95 after your first period). While cost is the last standards for comparison for one when investing in a small business, it is a good perk since functionality with regard to speed is not given for using Siteground.
  7. So is Siteground expensive?
    Despite the fact that the hosting is managed (WordPress heart is upgraded for you, daily back-ups are created, etc), you will be on a common server. I have written about Shared vs. VPS vs. Committed hosting in case you would like to know more; however among the dangers of common hosting is the fact that other websites sharing the server with you could impact your operation (which is not the instance with a more high-priced VPS or committed service). This really is just another motive that hosting will be dependent on your own needs – with lower traffic, your support likely will not be blown to bits with little disruptions in service or on the off-chance that one of your server-partners nukes your server, so the choice in what you want depends on what is significant to your company.
  8. See website data from your control panel.
    Like a number of other web hosting services, Siteground supplies a cPanel control panel to let site owners handle email addresses and their domain names, but it is also possible to get a great deal of web site data including how a lot of have seen your site and what pages get seen most often. Moreover, these data tell you of errors encountered in your website. Advice in this way is very useful for creating more content that brings traffic, minimizing errors that possibly turn off visitors, and improving your web site.
  9. Daily copies.
    All of the servers of Siteground are backed up daily to ensure the content of your site is never lost, a characteristic particularly valuable for everyone who posts content often. Some web hosting providers just back up their servers weekly and, if something bad happen, which could mean hassle and lots of lost data. This pleasant to see Siteground taking these additional precautions for individuals who’d enjoy the web hosting, although it might not be applicable to any or all users.


  1. No email virus blocker.
    Siteground offers e-mail tools that are competent to their clients, for example, the capability to connect an infinite variety of e-mails to your domain name. Nevertheless, their e-mail is lacking a virus blocker. This really is something which other web hosting companies generally supply, since no one wants to risk obtaining a virus on their computer, plus it is also quite precious. Yet, the deficiency of an e-mail virus filter will not be much of a big deal in the event you do not mean to use this e-mail quite frequently.
  2. No credits of Google Adwords.
    Siteground is among the few web hosting companies that does not offer any credits about Google Adwords upon sign up, a pleasant bonus for a company owner. This will not make a difference to you in the event you are interested in web hosting a private web site. Gain-making things, nevertheless, may be let down by the lack of the promotional offer that is common.

Above we highlighted 9 pros and 2 cons to choose Siteground hosting service.

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Siteground vs. Inmotion hosting – real review and comparison

These days with the rise in online businesses and transactions, internet hosting has become a popular demand. It is difficult to ascertain which the best internet hosting company is, since usage depends on preference. In this article we look at some of the pros and cons of two different hosting companies, namely Siteground and Inmotion.

Siteground reviews

Siteground is an internet hosting company that is very well recognized in the WordPress community. They offer the following benefits:

  • One of the best 24/7 supports in the industry.
  • Automatic upgrades.
  • Built-in WordPress catching.
  • CDN content delivery network.
  • One-click staging.
  • GIT version control.

They are also one of the few companies offering specific hosting with 3 data centres in USA, Europe and Singapore. Furthermore, they offer a special 60% discount for WP beginner readers as well as a free domain name.

Even though their services are available for a higher cost, the Siteground hosting company offers a round-the-clock support system. So, for instance, for sites that remain down 40-50% of the time, using Siteground hosting services ensures that the site is functional 99% of the time. Furthermore, their services are not only efficient but also reliable. If one has a site that is down, the IT workforce resolves the issue within a matter of a few minutes. The service is well worth the investment and the site is both fast, reliable and has a great staff.

Inmotion reviews

The other hosting company that we will try to review in this article is the Inmotion hosting company. The chief advantages of using this company’s services are:

  • Hosting Performance: When it comes to performance, Inmotion Hosting is one of the best in the business. Their speed is fast and the services they offer are fast and efficient. Furthermore, Inmotion shows a consistency in performance that is lacking in the other hosting companies.
  • Customer Services: Inmotion has a rather peculiar system of under-promising and over-delivering. What this means is that the company might not promise a great deal when it comes to troubleshooting your problems but they resolve the issues within a matter of few minutes. While many consumers might find this to be slightly off putting, this is possibly one of the smartest and most sensible strategies that the company employs. There is always a buffer time zone within which your issue is resolved.
  • Ease of Use: At Inmotion, the staff makes sure that the site is easy to handle and maintain. The design of the website is easy to navigate and there is a certain leeway given to seasoned users who want to tweak things according to their own needs.

Siteground vs. Inmotion reviews

While both the hosting companies offer similar benefits, when it comes to comparing the services Inmotion might be a better investment for seasoned users. On the other hand, many beginners tend to favor Siteground for their beginner discounts and other easy-to-handle tools.

Both sites however are higher in price as compared to the other hosting companies that are functional today. While Siteground offers a 60% discount to the beginners, Inmotion offers a 25% rebate on selected plans and offers. While this might be a disadvantage for many; the higher price also comes with a very well organized work force and SOS team.

Speaking of solving the issues, both sites are head to head in terms of speed and efficiency. However, when it comes to marketing, Siteground might have a slight edge over Inmotion. This is because of Inmotion under-promising strategy.

The one place where Siteground might lose out on Inmotion is in flexibility. Inmotion promises to incorporate the needs of both beginners and seasoned users by offering a flexible site design. Not only is it easier to navigate but the cPanel backend is a great addition to the site’s infrastructure.

Hosting service companies are entirely contingent on the user’s preference and needs. While for some one of the hosting companies is more suitable and easier to work with, others might find that their needs are better met by another. More than marketing, this is an issue of infrastructure and consumer support. At the end of the day, what is possibly most important when it comes to hosting companies is how well they are able to respond to an SOS. In this article we have tried to cover the various aspects of the Siteground vs. Inmotion comparison in a comprehensive manner.

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Siteground forum review with phpBB vs. SMF forum script installation

An internet forum is a fun and helpful way to discuss topics that you like (or don’t like) with other users. The whole point of a forum is so that people can express their opinions on a certain subject, share information and tips and learn together. There are many forum scripts available for you to create a forum on if you so desire. Each of these will be able to help you create and moderate your forums and their topics.

PhpBB, vBulletin, Vanilla Forums and SMF are just a few of these. With each of these platforms, you can create and run your forum. There are advantages in each one of these that may be a disadvantage when compared to another. The most popular scripts being used are phpBB and SMF. They each have advantages over the other and choice of script is pretty much left up to the user.

Advantages and installation instructions for phpBB

PhpBB has the advantage of having been around for a long time. This means that there are many documents on it and installation instructions for it. It has many themes you can choose from and many mods you can use as an administrator of a forum. There are some disadvantages to this script however. The first is that everything is done manually. If you want to install themes or mods for phpBB, you need to have FTP software. This doesn’t make it easy to use for the less tech-savvy population. It can be frustrating and difficult in this case.

Installation is a little technical, but can be carried out easily if you have the know-how:

  1. Download the software. You can find this on the internet. The safest download will be available on the phpBB official website.
  2. Decompress the archive to a directory on your system. Remember the location of this directory since you will need to find it again for the installation.
  3. Upload all the files in this archive to web-accessible directory.
  4. Change the permissions on store/, cache/, files/ and images/avatars/ uploads/ to be writable.
  5. Manually pick out the location of the software folder and install. This is where you put them in the third point above.
  6. On config.php, change permissions to be only writable by yourself and then open phpBB and begin handling your forum.

Advantages and installation instructions for SMF

SMF has more positive reviews, but choosing it should be a matter of opinion. With SMF, installation is automatic unlike with phpBB. You do not require any additional software unless you want to do things manually. The installation is comparatively faster and will let you get to the business of administrating your forum in a very short time. Moreover, SMF has many more themes and mods to choose from. Mods can be installed very easily as compared to phpBB.

Installing SMF is pretty straight forward and, as mentioned, unless you want to do it manually, you do not need to get FTP software. The installation should be as follows:

  1. Create a database using PHPMyAdmin, MYSQL Databases or Database Wizard. Take note of the name, username and password you use. They will be important for installing.
  2. Get a copy of the latest SMF software. This can be gotten off of the internet from various locations. Find and download the software onto your computer.
  3. Extract and upload files from SMF file. This can be done simply by extracting the documents in the zip files and then uploading them or using FTP to upload the zip file and then extract the documents.
  4. Set file and folder permissions to control who can see your files and folders and/or use them. This will also help control whether you can upload mods onto your forum.
  5. Run the installer for SMF and follow the prompts that come up. Fill out all the necessary details and then finish the installation.
  6. Be sure to remove the installation files from the server since they are no longer necessary and could cause security problems.

If you are a beginner or do not want to do things manually, the obvious choice here would be to go with SMF. Be sure to pay attention to server requirements for either script which depends mostly on the server supporting PHP format and the amount of space available for installation and /or smooth running of the software.

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Siteground dedicated server feature and quality review

Right now, they are having 3 dedicated server plans and all are impressive at first look. Their server specification and features are good. There is no complaint about it and the price is acceptable as well. It is not over priced except that user needs to pay for the setup fee for their new server at signup.

Why choose Siteground dedicated servers?

Only choose dedicated server from the top web hosting companies like this one, as they are the only one that able to provide the best service quality. In addition, all these servers are protected by active server monitoring and failure diagnosis. The best servers should have good service uptime rating and good customer support at the back end to support it. And together with a great price, this is what makes a great deal. Their server plans are including:

  1. Entry server price $229/mo.
  2. Power server price $329/mo.
  3. Enterprise server price $429/mo.

Siteground dedicated server

Siteground dedicated server price feature review

The entry server is the most affordable and price at $229 per month. There is no hidden fee and we are getting the highest server specification for this price. Compare to other server providers like Hostgator, Bluehost and Site5, their server specification is not this good and the price is very similar. This mean we can get more resource and better server performance. Their network uses the best infrastructure and in reality we are getting the top uptime percentage too. This entry server includes the following features:

  • Intel i3-540 3.GHz CPU.
  • Dual cores CPU.
  • 4 MB CPU cache.
  • 4 GB computer DDR3 RAM memory.
  • 500 GB SATA II hard disk drive.
  • 5TB monthly bandwidth.

With these features and quality it offers, you can host a few high traffic website and take advantages of the superior server performance at here. The provided 500 GB storage space is sufficient for hosting a lot of media files and you can even have video sharing website hosted in here too.

Compare Siteground dedicated server vs. Hostgator

Choosing a good private server is a big deal and should take your time to consider which one is the best for both short and long term. For most corporate website that demands the best reliability, choosing a well reputable web host will be main priority and next thing to consider is the feature and price. When you have selected the 3 best choices, compare their feature and price. Finally decide on which one is having the best reputation and chose the one you are most comfortable with.

  1. Siteground dedicated server is from $229/mo.
  2. Hostgator dedicated server is from $179/mo.
  3. Hostmonster dedicated server from $149/mo.

For comparison, this Hostgator is cheaper but the customer support quality is lower and response time is obviously slower. And for the Hostmonster is a budget web hosting company that is not offering the highest level of security and reliability that your corporate website will ever need.

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